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A sampling of the tasks we can take care of for you:
  • organizing (closets, offices, pantries, toyrooms, cabinets, garages, etc.)
  • shopping (clothing, groceries, gifts, holiday, parties, etc.)
  • errands (post office, car detail, return movies, store exchanges, etc.)
  • decorating (rooms, staging homes, events, parties, holidays, etc.)
  • party planning  (b-day, holiday, events, invitations, theme, food, etc.) 
  • pet services (dog walking, pet check in, clean litter box, etc.) 
  • holiday assistance (shopping, parties, decorating, wrapping, etc.)
  • household management (laundry, to-do list, tidying up, scheduling, etc.)
  • "away from home" service (check on pets, water plants, get mail, etc.)
  • "waiting" service (repairmen, deliveries, cable, etc.)
  • home staging (staging your home for sale. consultation only or full service- offering decluttering/furniture rental)
  • relocation assistance (staging, packing, unpacking, schedule movers, etc.)
  • scheduling (appointments, spa, golf, events, concerts, overnights, etc.)
  • internet research (vacation, business, medical info, shopping, etc.)
  • admin. assistance (filing, answering phones, front desk, typing, etc.)
  • virtual assistance (emails, typing, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • writing services (editing, articles, invitations, mailouts, marketing, etc.)
  • courier service (deliveries, pick-ups, etc.)
  • event/meeting planning (venue, food, entertainment, invitations, etc.)
Whether you have a one-time need or a recurring need for assistance, call 918.671.0960 or email 
to learn how we can take care of your "to-do" list
so you can take care of the important things in life.
Whether you are a busy corporate executive or a stay at-home mom, a senior citizen, a home-bound patient, or just the average Joe (or Jill) who doesn't have enough hours in the day, we are here to help when you need us.
Let us take on your tasks to create MORE time & LESS stress in your life!
We can get your home or office organized and "de-cluttered", 
do your shopping & errands, provide virtual assistance,
plan your parties or events & MORE!
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Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist
  • Take a look at your clothes and assess what you wear most, least, or not at all. Donate the clothing you haven’t worn in a year or more, as well as anything that no longer fits. If an item is severely damaged, toss it out.
  • Let seasonality and frequency of use be your guide in determining what to keep in the closet and what to stow elsewhere.
  • Blouses, for example, can be sorted first by sleeve length and then by shade. By keeping like with like, options for a given outfit are clear at a glance.
  • Your closet will look neater if you use just one type of hanger—wood, metal, or plastic. I love the velvet slimline hangers.
  • A low rod holds tops and skirts; an eye-level pole, dresses; and a high bar, shirts and suits. A high shelf works fine for out-of-season shoes and sweaters.
  • Any clothing that will stretch out of shape should be folded over hangers. When organizing the folded clothing you’ll store on shelves, place heavier items at the bottom of the pile, and lighter ones at the top. After folding, arrange garments by function (workout tops together, business tops together, etc.) and color (white to nude to bright colors to black). If your closet doesn’t have shelves, consider using part of your clothing rod for hanging canvas ones.
  • A sturdy canvas garment bag protects fine suits, dresses, and jackets better than plastic. (Leather, in particular, is susceptible to drying and even cracking if kept in plastic.)
  • Remove clothes from dry-cleaning bags as soon as you get home, and hang your clothes on proper hangers. Return the wire hangers to the dry cleaner for reuse.
  • Store bags, belts, ties, scarves, and other accessories in plain sight on hooks or racks, which can be attached to the inside of your closet door.
  • Use containers—consider a matching set of baskets—to hold accessories and clothing that can’t be hung, such as socks and undergarments. Smaller baskets or boxes can store a single type of accessory, such as scarves or hats.
  • Choose between a shoe rack on the floor, a hanging shoe organizer, see-through plastic boxes, or original shoe boxes with photographs stapled to them to identify the boxes’ contents. Stow shoes you don’t wear frequently in labeled plastic boxes on a high shelf, in another closet, or under your bed.
 Kitchen Organization Q & A
1. What are the biggest causes for an unorganized/cluttered kitchen? too much stuff,
not enough storage or not putting things back where they belong
2. What are your tips for organizing a panty? The counters? Drawers? Cabinets? pull everything out, clean shelves counters or bottom of drawers, line shelves, cabinets & drawers with contact paper, group like items together, get rid of duplicates or unused items, utilize organizing tools like silverware dividers, pot lid holders, etc. put back IF IT MAKES SENSE TO KEEP IT THERE.
3. Where should pots/pans go? Where should kitchen appliances go? Aprons, towels?where it makes sense - where you will be when you need them. put pots/pans near the stove, towels near the sink, appliances you use on a daily or weekly basis on the counter.

4. Are there general organization rules that people should follow when they are thinking about how to organize their kitchen? This goes for organizing any space: If you haven't used it in the past year, you probabaly don't need it. Donate it, consign it or have a garage sale. If it's broken, throw it out.

5. What are some important tips for people who have small kitchens?Utilize vertical space. Think about adding shelves up high in your pantry to keep season items or items you don't use often. Get rid of duplicates. Do you REALLY need 3 blenders and 15 wooden spoons? REALLY?

6. How can you balance between keeping a neat kitchen that is also functional?
Keep it simple. And minimize. Less is more. Adding too much clutter will make your kitchen look messy, feel smaller, and not be functional when cooking.
Garage Organization
Spring will soon be here! As the weather starts to warm up, this is a great time of year to clean out your garage. Surely there are a few (or more than a few) items that you have been meaning to get rid of or that you didn't even know you had. As temps begin to climb, Garage Sale Season kicks into high gear, so pull out those old bikes and gardening tools that haven't seen the light of day for the past couple of years and put them to good use. Turn your clutter into cash!
  • If you don't want to have a sale or drag your unwanted items to consignment, consider donating to a local charity - many will even come pick up items from your porch or driveway, eliminating the time you have to spend on this task. Or, consider having a personal assistant set up a sale, take items to consignment, or haul them away to donations for you. Even if you don't have items to get rid of, organizing what is currently piled up on your garage floor will make your life easier. When looking for the camping gear or power tools, you'll know exactly where to look.
Here are some tips to get you started. Call us if you need help!!
1. Check the weather to make sure you have a nice day for the big cleanout. You will have to pull everything out into the driveway to see what you're working with, so you want to avoid rain, extreme temps or other bad weather.
2. When pulling things out, separate by like items into piles or areas (sports equipment, lawn care, toys, etc.). Decide what you don't want and put directly into bins or bags. Label them keep, garage sale/consignment, donation and trash (or put trash directly into trash cans or bins if possible).
3. Get creative with storage. Utilize vertical space. Install shelves, hooks, or cabinets. Consider hanging bikes from the ceiling, Buy storage bins and organizing tools (such as a sports equipment stand or a garden cart) to help contain items and keep them together. There are so many great tools out there. Take advantage of them and make your garage the envy of the neighborhood. Some places to check out are Garage Innovations, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target and Wal-Mart plus online stores too.
Give us your "to-do" list and CONSIDER IT DONE!
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